Monday, December 7, 2009

'The Story of Walls'

Hey guys, I am glad to share with you that ‘The Story of Walls’ –an animated short in which I played the role of Animation Director has been nominated for Annie awards for the past year. It’s truly an honor for me. This short is directed by Pete Oswald. He had done the characters and the art direction too. I am sure; if you get a chance to watch it you can see his magic there. And the story was written by Sandeep Sood which is brilliantly Awesome. I have got a chance to work with some highly skilled artist there in Badmash Studios.

I am blessed to get an opportunity to work with an awesome team which is truly passionate about the art. So congrats guys, let’s pray and hope for the best.

We are not allowed to post the clippings, so I am posting some images (which I have stolen from Pete’s blog. Sorry Pete G) you can get clearer picture from Pete’s blog.

“The Story of Walls” is an absurdist history of trade protectionism. Throughout history, our world has allowed simple misunderstandings, greed, and an all-consuming love of nachos to divide us. To succeed as a people, we must understand that our individual success is based on our collective success. More importantly, we must also understand that there are enough nachos for everyone!”