Saturday, June 26, 2010

Old but still FRESH!

Three to four years ago, I had to deliver something with my team. I had great belief in them but they were still growing at that time as artists and animators. One of our clients then sent us a pilot project to work on. The trick was, it was a 3D animated project and we had to crack it in Flash.  The storyboards required all 3d camera and character movements. We were an experienced flash team and not well versed in 3D. All my team members felt we should drop this project. I took this challenge up and decided to crack it. I knew I had the confidence and the knack to do something that seemed impossible.  By the Almighty's grace, everything went smooth. Here is one of the toughest shot in that pilot. Hope you like it. 

 My home is located in a village and we have cows, ducks, Turkeys and chickens as pets there. It is funny to watch the lazy cows chewing =)  Another old stuff. Some of you guys can recall these in my old blog.