Saturday, November 18, 2017

3 mistakes we all do while choosing a gift

 Gifts have a great role to strengthen the bonds. But, we all do these mistakes while selecting the gifts

1-  Gifting what they like
    We all like many things that are unnecessary or useless to us. But you know what they need most. It is crucial to understand what they need most. If you gift something that they need, you will get respect in return. It could be anything that helps them to grow their soft skills. Any craft, art tools like Better Huse Easy markers, sports accessories, course subscriptions etc will work great.
  Better Huse Markers and the unique painting process will give you enough brain activities to develop brain cells fast.

2- Gifting what give short-term joy
    Especially the youngsters are driven by the short-term passions. They prefer chocolates, games, Smartphones, tablets etc. But we should think for their future. So get something that will benefit them longer.  There are many cool video documents published by BBC, NatGeo, and Animal Planet. They have also published the encyclopedias too.
Better Huse Markers will help to create professional watercolor art. It is a great tool for budding artists who are in the transition stage from sketch pens to real painting.

3- Go for gender or age-based gifts
   Is it good for boys? Will this suite for girls??
We do this always right? The world is suppressed by Blue - Pink war! Think about a better world. Go for those things that can benefit almost everyone.
 BetterHuse watercolor marker kit is the best choice for all ages and all genders. The youngsters and the elders love it with the same passion.

-It is so easy, anyone can create a good quality art with BetterHues pens
-It helps the youngsters to develop their communication skills, Art skills, and other Brain develpment
-It helps the adult people to get relief from stress.
-It helps the elders to keep their brain cells active.
-It helps the geriatric patients to develop their weaker brain cells and regenerate them faster

Get your BetterHuse watercolor pen combo kit from Amazon exclusively. Beware of duplicates!


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