Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oh.. You like designs more?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to put my works together in a Showreel. It is hard to pick good once from my last 4 years of work which are scattered around my disk. I think it will be cruel if I force anybody to watch my showreel full, especially if he prefers designs over animation. So I decided to be kind to them (lol) and posting main designs here. For the animation lovers, I am working hard on my reel!
Keep your mouse wheel rolling (y)
Game character designing

The Magic word in Gaming industry is 'OPTIMIZATION'.  The key to make your games easily playable is to use optimized assets. As I was from Animation Industry I had a tendency to make thinks more detailed. More details means more weight. It was challenging to design something appealing with minimum details. The rule was simple - It should be small, but readable very well. Don't use details or fancy effects but make it beautiful. Sounds irony eh? But I hope I did it. Check the pigeon how sexy she is ;-)

Realistic Character painting
I asked by my friend to design and paint a realistic mafia girl character recently. Since I started my career I dealt with  stylized characters hence I don't have any experience like that. Also, in animation, we have an unwritten rule, that if you are animating; do what a camera cannot do. If anybody needs a super realistic character, why should he waste his time painting her or him and take a photo rather. Anyway, I did it first time such a painting and guess what, it turned well (I know you can do it much better than this, but this was my first attempt bro) . Still I love stylized art lol =)
I took 3 to 4 hours for this and I used many photos as reference mainly - Viper from Kill Bill.